How Do I Know If My Lawn is Struggling

31 Jan '23

Lawn with patches of brown, dead grass surrounded by lush green grass.

As a homeowner, from mowing the lawn to fertilizing and watering, there are many things to consider when keeping your lawn healthy. 

But what do you do when you notice something isn't quite right? How do you know if your lawn is struggling and needs extra attention? 

This article will discuss some of the warning signs of an unhealthy lawn and what you can do to get it back on track.

Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Lawn

Thinning Grass

One of the most apparent signs of an unhealthy lawn is thinning grass. If you notice that your lawn is not as thick and lush as it used to be, it could indicate something needs to be fixed. 

Thinning grass can be caused by various factors such as over-mowing, drought, or disease. It's essential to identify the cause of the problem so that you can take the appropriate steps to fix it. 

A lawn care company can be a great resource in helping you diagnose the cause and recommend the best course of action to correct it.

Brown Spots and Dead Patches

Another sign of lawn disease is the presence of yellowish-brown spots and dead patches. 

These can be caused by various factors such as disease, pests, or even improper watering. 

In addition, spots and dead patches can also be caused by improper mowing or inadequate fertilizer application. 

If you notice that certain areas of your lawn are not green and healthy, it's crucial to investigate the cause and take action to fix it.

Grub Infestation

Grubs are a common pest that can cause significant damage to your lawn. 

These small, white insects live in the soil and feed on the roots of your grass. 

Also, grubs can attract birds and other animals, such as raccoons, skunks, and moles that feed on the grub larvae. 

If your lawn is thinning or dying in certain areas, you may have a grub infestation. A lawn care expert can help you identify and initiate grub control measures.

Presence of Weeds

Weeds can be a significant problem for any lawn. They can compete with your grass for nutrients and water and make your lawn look unkempt. 

If you notice that your lawn is full of weeds, it's vital to take action to control them. Calling a weed control service his vital to solving this problem, as they have the expertise and equipment to deal effectively with weeds.



Maintaining a healthy lawn requires attention and care. If you notice any warning signs discussed in this article, fixing the problem is essential. 

Whether it's thinning grass, yellowish-brown spots, grub infestation, or weeds, a lawn care company or professional can help you identify the cause and take the necessary steps to restore your lawn to health. 

Remember that proper care of your lawn can prevent a lot of problems and also improve the beauty of your surroundings. 

A healthy lawn is not just good for your property's value but also good for the environment. If you're having trouble with weeds in the Phoenix area, give us a call - we have the expertise and equipment to deal with weeds effectively.


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