Natural vs. Chemical Weed Control

16 Aug '19

pulling weeds in gardenYour dream landscape can quickly be destroyed by weeds that seem to pop up overnight. Arizona’s climate tends to be weeks of sunny, dry weather, followed by periods of monsoon rain. 

This creates the ideal conditions for weeds to sprout. Once they do, you may find it hard to stop them from spreading.


For most property owners, the choice is narrowed down to either natural weed control or chemical methods. Each one has both benefits and drawbacks for your landscaping. Understanding when to use each one helps you feel good about your choice for weed control.

Types of Natural Herbicides

The most natural type of weed control that you can use is pulling them. However, there are also natural solutions that you can use to spray weeds. 

citrus oil in bottle
Citrus Oil

Citrus oil is a common natural herbicide. The compounds in citrus break down the waxy surface of leaves so that they cannot hold water. After a few days in the hot sun, these plants dry up and die.

Vinegar is another natural herbicide. The acidic nature of vinegar burns the leaves and stems of weeds. Adding salt to a vinegar solution further helps with the drying out process. This natural solution tends to work best on younger plants, and it sometimes takes several applications to see the full results.

Natural solutions tend to be non-selective. This means that they can kill off plants that you want. Always use caution to only hit the weeds when you use vinegar or citrus oils.

Effective Lawn Maintenance Strategies

Weeds can also be naturally controlled through proper lawn care. A thick, lush lawn helps to block weed seeds from being able to reach the soil. We recommend mowing your grass to the appropriate height for the type.

Strong, healthy trees and bushes also create shady areas where weeds are less likely to thrive. 

You should maintain a proper watering schedule. If grass or trees fail to thrive, then we can help by analyzing your current lawn care routine and the soil’s health to identify a solution.

Restoring lawn health is often one of the first steps toward using natural weed control. 

When to Use Natural Weed Control

Natural strategies for weed control are often used by homeowners and property managers of facilities where a non-toxic solution is important for safety. For instance, you may need to try natural weed control methods first on a playground, where children and animals spend time on the grass. 

Natural weed control is also a great way to eliminate small numbers of weeds when they are young. Pulling a weed, or spraying it with vinegar before it spreads seeds, can sometimes end the problem. 

Times When Chemical Weed Control is Best

Chemical herbicides have their place in weed control. They are stronger and usually more effective than natural methods. Since they are chemical-based, we also have the option of choosing selective types that only kill specific weeds. This protects the grass and other desirable plants from damage.

You may also opt for chemical weed control when long-term results are important. Many chemical preparations have residual effects that can stop weeds from coming back for up to a year or two.


The best way to choose a weed control method for your property is to assess all of the factors that affect its success. Whether you have sensitive children who play on the lawn or aggressive weeds that keep coming back, we have a solution to keep your landscape weed-free and safe for everyone. Call today for a free quote.

Custom Weed & Pest Control has been in business since 1989, serving the greater Phoenix metro area for both residential and commercial. We offer organic, natural and chemical weed control, with customized service to meet your specific needs.

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