Summer Weed Control Tips

29 Jun '21

Tall weeds in lawn.

Springtime is when most people focus on prepping their lawn for the upcoming seasons. In the previous months, you might have put down pre-emergents that stop new weeds from germinating. You may have also invested time in cultivating a healthier lawn.

How to Control Weeds in Summer

Now, it is time to rev up your efforts for weed control. Arizona weeds are built to survive the summer heat and move into areas where other plants cannot thrive. Adding these strategies to your lawn care plans keeps weeds away as the days grow longer and hotter.

Address Developing Lawn Care Issues

A weakened lawn gives weeds the perfect opportunity to take over. Lush blades of grass help to stop sunlight from reaching the soil where it helps weed seeds to germinate. A thick lawn also provides seeds with fewer places to get buried in the soil, and healthy grass takes water away from a weed’s root system. 

If you’ve noticed that your lawn is drying out or developing signs of stress, then now is a good time to find out what is wrong. Fertilization and increased irrigation could help restore the health of your lawn so that weeds aren’t able to grow as well.

Watch Out When Watering Desirable Plants

The summer heat means that you may need to increase your watering schedule for lawns and other desirable plants. While this can keep your grass and bushes healthier, it is possible that the runoff could nourish weeds in some parts of your lawn. 

Make sure that sprinklers and soaking hoses don’t spray onto rock gardens and other places where you don’t want weeds to grow.

Consider Using a Pre-Emergent On Established Lawns

In the early spring, you might have had to avoid certain weed treatments to allow for seeds or sod to have a chance to thrive. 

At this point in the year, your grass might be established enough that you can arrange for weed spraying. Pre-emergent sprays place a protective barrier over the soil that stops seeds from germinating. This can prevent future weeds from popping up as the season progresses.

Reduce the Chances of Seed Spreading

Spurge weeds with lush green leaves.

You could be accidentally bringing weeds to your property by carrying them on your clothing after spending time outside. Your pets can also bring in seeds on their fur. 

Always change your shoes after going on summer hikes in the wilderness. You can also wipe down your pet’s fur and paws before letting them play in the yard. Reducing bird and rodent populations around your house or business further prevents the unwanted spreading of weed seeds on your property.

Launch a Quick Response to Newly Appearing Weeds

You may be able to skip mowing for a few days, but procrastinating can turn into a major problem with weeds. 

Spurge is a common summer weed that flowers and reseeds within just a few weeks of growing. Barnyard grass is another weed that is known for rapid spreading. A single plant can produce thousands of seeds that can quickly lead to weeds overtaking your yard. 

Barnyard weed with flowers.

Acting fast to treat one or two weeds can prevent you from dealing with a more extensive issue.

In the summer, you might feel like weeds sprout up seemingly overnight, and in some cases, they really do. Keeping them away involves nurturing your lawn while also implementing the right schedule for spraying. 


If summer weeds feel unmanageable, the right weed control treatments can manage the problem so that you can get back to enjoying those sunny days outside. Give us a call and we can get rid of those summer weeds for you.

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