The Challenges of Spring Weed Control

20 Apr '22

Weed-free rock garden.

This time of year is perfect for enjoying freshly blossoming flowers and lush, green grass, but it comes with a price. 

How to Control Weeds in Spring

Every year, the warm spring air brings a flurry of people working hard to control newly erupting weeds. These days might be full of sunshine, but life can start looking bleak when you run into problems with weed control. 

Planning ahead for these common springtime weed control challenges will help you stay on top of problems before they become overwhelming.

Spring Rains Tend to Bring More Sprouts

If you were wise enough to plan for pre-emergent spraying, then you won’t have much to worry about here. If you didn’t, then you might see new weeds sprout after each rainfall, even after you treated existing weeds a few weeks before. These are likely old weed seeds from last season sprouting. 

Post-emergent sprays often have to be used on a monthly basis to eliminate weeds as they continue to pop up in response to increased rain. While this is frustrating, you can rest assured that more frequent spraying is fixing the problem. Those sprouts we kill won’t be able to drop seeds that come back to haunt you next year.

Weed growing in lawn.

Windy Days Increase the Risk of DIY Spraying

At some point, you might be tempted to arm yourself with a hose and over-the-counter weed spray to combat the problem. Unfortunately, all it takes is a gust of wind to send weed spray flying right into your face. 

DIY weed treatments come with risks, such as skin and lung irritation, and failing to take the right precautions can be dangerous for your health. If you absolutely can’t resist tackling this yourself, then make sure to do it on a calm day and follow the proper precautions. 

When you have us spray weeds for you, we’ve got the equipment to ensure that the weed spray only goes where it should go. Avoiding overspray is also critical for preventing desirable plants from being killed.

Lawn Treatments Can Feed Newly Growing Weeds

The best laid plans can quickly go awry with lawn care. Tilling and power raking can pull up old weed seeds to the surface, where they are now in perfect contact with water and sunlight for optimal growth. 

Water and fertilizing treatments stimulate weed growth just as well as they do for the grass. 

Spring should be a fun time of the year where you can get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. If you find that weeds are ruining your fun, you’ve got options for getting help. Working with a lawn and weed care professional will make controlling weeds a breeze.

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