Why You Need Pre-Emergent Weed Spray Service

20 Jan '22

Pre-emergent weed spray.


Pre-Emergent Spray is Important

Effective weed control often requires addressing problems before they become visible. Many property owners aren’t aware that they can get a handle on weeds long before they appear on the ground. Pre-emergent spraying offers benefits that you’ll realize when everyone else’s weeds start to sprout.

What Is Pre-Emergent Spraying?

A pre-emergent spray is simply one that we apply before the plants are actively growing. This type of spray contains a special herbicide that targets the seed. Once it hits the seed, it coats the outer shell and stops it from sprouting. Rendering the sprout incapable of growing means that you won’t see it emerge from the ground.

Deal With Last Year’s Weeds Before They Sprout

You might have thought you had the weeds under control after spraying during the active growing season. Post-emergent sprays are great for helping to improve the appearance and health of your lawn, but there may still be seeds from your old weed problem just waiting to sprout. Stopping them now helps to keep last year’s problem from becoming this year’s new one.

Why You Need Pre-Emergent Weed Spray Service Video


Stop Plants From Spreading Seeds

Pre-emergent spraying ends the constant cycle of having new weeds popping up. Killing the weeds before they have a chance to reproduce lowers the number of seeds that wind up in your lawn. With fewer seeds, you’ll naturally see fewer weeds, so you can enjoy a weed-free lawn for longer.

Give Your Lawn a Strong Head Start on Growth

Weeds are more than just an eyesore. They also have a negative impact on the surrounding desirable plants. Preventing the weeds from growing gives your lawn a better chance of reestablishing its growth after the winter season. You’ll also benefit from knowing that water and fertilizer is going straight to the grass rather than feeding the weeds.

Prevent Seasonal Allergies and Other Health Issues

Many weeds are toxic or irritating to humans and animals. Ragweed is a common allergen that tends to cause the most problems in the spring and fall. Russian thistle is another weed that can cause skin rashes along with respiratory symptoms. 

Russian thistle.

Making sure that these types of weeds never get a chance to rise above the ground lowers the chances of you or your pet developing health problems from being exposed to them.

When Should You Apply a Pre-Emergent Spray?

Timing is an important element of every landscaping maintenance plan. We don’t typically recommend a specific date for applying pre-emergent sprays. Instead, we pay attention to the weather. We can start doing pre-emergent treatments after the last frost of the season. This helps us to hit the weed seeds just as they are starting to grow.

What Happens If You Still See Weeds?

Professional spraying takes the guesswork out of weed control. Our technicians know how to evenly apply the spray so that it reaches the important parts of your lawn. Still, you might see some weeds pop up over time. If they do, you may need to plan for a post-emergent spray that targets actively growing plants.

It’s that time of year again when you may already be planning for how to care for your lawn. Remember that weed control begins before the active season puts the right spray in place to stop those annoying plants from sprouting.

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