Weed Removal Tips for Seniors

24 Aug '20

Struggling to pull weeds in the yard

Dealing with weeds is one of those chores that seems unavoidable. Undesirable plants often seem to pop up as soon as you pull them. The Arizona climate also makes it possible for weeds to grow all year long.

As an older adult, it is important to be careful with any type of landscaping task. Outdoor hazards are easy to miss or forget about. You might also find that pulling weeds yourself leaves you dealing with achy muscles and joints for days afterwards.

These weed removal tips for seniors will help to keep you pain-free. They’ll also help your lawn stay weed-free for longer.

Read Labels Carefully

Herbicides for Weeds

There are many different weed killers on the market. Most of these are only effective if they are used correctly. These sprays may be made with chemicals that are toxic to humans and pets. 

Always use store-bought weed solutions cautiously. Make sure to use protective gear such as a mask and gloves. These can help to reduce the chances of getting sick from the chemicals.

If you don’t feel safe, then leave the spraying to a trained professional. Our weed sprays are designed to be safe for people and pets. We also know how to apply them so that the plants you want on your property stay safe from harm.

Watch Out for Hidden Dangers

Overgrown weeds can hide many dangers on your lawn. Be careful as you walk through weedy areas. A hidden rock or other objects could cause you to trip and fall. 

Snakes and other harmful pests can lurk beneath rocks and in areas with tall plant growth. Try to avoid turning over rocks or sticking your hand in areas where you cannot see what is there. 


Get Long-Handled Tools

Special weed pulling tools can help to save your back. Look for tools that you can use from a standing position. You can also find tools that help you to get leverage on weed roots to dig them out.

Protect Your Joints and Spine

Kneeling cushions help to protect your knees during times when you can’t stand up to pull weeds. Many seniors also find it helpful to keep a walking stick nearby. You can use this for stability when you need to change positions.

Use Sun Protection

Trimming hedges - yard care for seniors

Even a few minutes in the sun can leave your skin vulnerable to damage. Grab that wide-brimmed hat and put some sunscreen on. If you are working in a large area, consider putting up a sunshade.

Take Frequent Breaks

Pulling weeds in the hot sun can lead to heatstroke and dehydration. Set an alarm to remind you to take breaks at regular intervals. During your breaks, drink plenty of water. If you feel sick or sore, stop working on the weeds. You can always come back tomorrow or arrange for help.

Prevent Early Weed Growth

Senior woman pulling weeds

One of the best ways to avoid staring down a lawn full of weeds is to prevent them in the first place. Regular weed spraying includes special treatments that stop seeds from germinating. If a weed does manage to pop up, then there is a solution for that. Reducing how many weeds you have to pull makes lawn care much easier.

When it comes to weed control, the simplest solution is often the best. You’ve got better things to do than spend hours pulling up weeds. Your health and comfort are also important. Let our pros do the hard work so that you can enjoy spending time in your yard this season.

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