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Unwanted grassy weeds are a problem in both traditional landscapes as well as xeriscaping, and there is nothing more frustrating that realizing that all your lawn care efforts only seem to be adding fuel to the fire, which is why you need a weed spraying company in Arizona.

Unfortunately, many of the same strategies that you use to care for your lawn such as watering and fertilizing also feed grassy weeds and stimulate their growth.

Before you throw in the trowel, you can use this guide to get a handle on those pesky unwanted grasses. 

Types of Unwanted Grasses in Arizona 

There are several main types of unwanted grasses that commonly pop up in Arizona landscapes. Knowing the type of weed that you need to control h for helps you identify the appropriate treatment strategy to end the problem. Your weed spraying company in Arizona is experienced in determining the right weed control treatment.


Once crabgrass takes hold, it typically has wider blades than desirable grass varieties. You will also notice that it grows in clumps and the blades extend outward like a crab rather than upward like traditional lawn grass. If left untended, crabgrass can grow quite long and destroy the look of a uniform landscape. It is also an annual grass, but it acts like a perennial. One crabgrass plant can send out thousands of seeds that lead to these plants coming back year after year if you don't plan for the appropriate treatment.

Bermuda Grass

Get Rid of Bermuda GrassThis type of grass is sometimes purposely planted in landscapes, but it becomes a problem when it grows where it is not intended to be. Bermuda grass is a fast-growing, perennial weed that will take over growing space from other species of grass such as fescue. This grass also shows up in rock gardens and bare ground areas where it's removal is critical for preserving the intended design.


Spray for NutsedgeThis type of weed is not really a grass, but its grass-like appearance has earned it the name. You'll typically notice nutgrass during the hottest months of Arizona's summers when its hardy nature allows it to outgrow struggling natural grass types. Nutsedge is notorious for being extremely difficult to control, but there are treatments available that preserve the grass you want. Once nutsedge is removed, your desirable grass no longer must compete for nutrients and often regrows well in the right conditions.


A lot of people refer to goosegrass as silver crabgrass because it has a silvery center that radiates out close to the ground. It’s easy to identify because it’s sticky, with lots of tiny hooks that stick to clothing and fur. Because it grows in turf, care must be taken when spraying it so the grass is not killed in the process.

Poa Annua

Poa annua, sometimes called annual bluegrass, is one of the most common grassy weeds in the U.S. It is light green in color and ikes to grow in shady areas. It should be controlled before it flowers and produces seed in the spring. Mulching can help prevent it.

Orchard Grass

Orchard grass grows fast and its lighter green blades often shoot up over desired grass species. Like other grassy weeds, this type is hard to treat without killing off the desirable turf, but spot treatments can be effective if they are applied when the plants are young. If the orchard grass occurs in areas where grass is not desired, then you have more treatment options such as nonselective sprays that also target other weed types.

Common Foxtail

Foxtail blends in with your regular grass until it decides to rear its ugly head. Once foxtail matures, it sprouts barbed seed heads that create a hazard for your pets and property. Since foxtail is less likely to thrive in a well-maintained lawn, regular lawn care is helpful for stopping the problem before it starts. Once established, the ideal treatment plan may involve selective post-emergent herbicides to stop the plants from spreading.

Identifying grassy weeds is difficult since they often resemble the natural grass type that you have growing in your lawn. Always be alert for blades that are a different color, shape or grow faster than the others so that you can call your Arizona weed spraying company right away.


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