Why Gardening is a Good Stress Reliever

31 Jul '20

seedlings in brown pot

Finding ways to relieve stress is as simple as stepping outside of your house. Gardening has long been recognized as having benefits for both the mind and body.

Starting a garden requires very few tools. A spade, some soil, and seeds are all that it takes to begin growing plants.

Starter plants are another option that helps you to immediately begin to enjoy the beauty that greenery and flowers bring to your outdoor space. 

The reasons why gardening is so beneficial as a stress reliever are important to recognize. Knowing these benefits serves as motivation to get out there and spend a few minutes tending to the plants.

Brighten Your Days With a Boost of Sunshine

woman gardening

Between work and taking care of tasks around the house, it is easy to spend far too much time indoors.

Regular exposure to sunshine is necessary for the body to produce vitamin D and mood-boosting hormones.

A garden gives you a reason to be outdoors where the sun can work its magic. Just the warmth of the sun on your skin melts away the effects of stress.

Distract Yourself From Negative Thoughts

After a stressful event, people sometimes find themselves ruminating on what happened. Whether you are replaying that argument in your head or worrying about an upcoming issue, working in your garden gets your mind off of the problem.

Nurture Your Spirit From Within

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and nutrients that the body uses for physical and mental energy. Nutritional deficiencies contribute to the negative effects of stress.

Knowing that a fresh piece of fruit is just waiting to be picked outside means that you are more likely to take in the right nutrients for helping you feel your best during stressful times.

Working in the garden also requires you to bend, dig, and stoop. All of these actions strengthen your physical body so that you endure less stress from pain and illness.

Cultivate a Sense of Success

man re-plating a potted plant

Gardening is a fairly simple hobby to enjoy, but there is a definite learning curve. Beginner gardeners often encounter issues with their plants that require some problem-solving.

Even an advanced gardener might wonder why their plants suddenly have excessively long stems or wilting leaves.

Doing things such as checking the soil health to make sure that plants get what they need to survive helps to resolve issues in the garden.

Seeing the plants come back to life is a major victory that overrides life’s daily stressors.

Create a Beautiful Oasis

Everyone should have a place at home that feels like a wonderland. A flowerbed in the front yard sends an instant message that you have arrived home to a comfortable place after a long day out in the world.

A front-yard full of beautiful succulents or fruit trees also increases the joy that you feel during your drive up.


Meditation and serenity gardens serve as a private retreat where homeowners can enjoy the natural scenery. Plants that attract butterflies are excellent choices for creating a serene environment. Water features can work along with the plants to soothe stress and induce a calmer state of mind.

Caring for a garden shouldn’t be stressful. The Arizona climate can sometimes lead to challenges for plants that are easily remedied with proper care. Our plant and tree health services restore life to your garden space so that it continues to be a source of relaxation.

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