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  • ISA Certified Arborist (WE-3474A)
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  • Fertilization and Deep Root Feeding
  • 40+years tree/plant care experience
  • 25+ years weed and ornamental pest control

If you see the following symptoms you need us!

  • Your trees and shrubs not growing well
  • Leaves are yellowing or falling off prematurely or not growing fast enough
  • Bark looking strange, smaller than normal leaves
  • Your soil is hard and compacted
  • Water not penetrating after irrigating or rainfall
  • Browned out branches on your pine trees
  • Palm trees not looking their best

 Pine Tree Care & Treatment

Aleppo Pine Blight Protocol

tree flagging before and after

There are several species of Pine trees that are commonly planted in the metropolitan areas of Maricopa County. The two major species are Eldarica (Brutia) Pines and Aleppo Pines.

During the last few months, many of the Aleppo Pines in this region have shown symptoms of browning branch tips (called flagging) and associated cankers on small branches.

This disease has been called Aleppo Pine Blight. Similar symptoms have also been seen on Eldarica Pines.

The disease has been written about for at least 50 years. Charles Rush wrote a thesis on Aleppo Pine Blight in 1966 and many Arborists have continued to research the problem since then.

Treeàge collaborated with Steve McKelvey the Arizona State Forestry Health expert by collecting samples of damaged branch tips that were sent to researchers at the University of California in Davis for further examination.

Over the years there have been many ideas as to the exact cause of the Aleppo Pine Blight. Arborists have considered Fungal pathogens including Cylindrocaron, Nematodes, a bacterium called Xylella, and different species of Mites.

Environmental abiotic factors such as

  • extreme heat and drought
  • irregular irrigation
  • port drainage
  • pollution

are also thought to be contributing factors in the development of the disease.

There is a concept known as a “disease spiral” or a “mortality spiral” where a cascading increasing combination of factors leads to the decline of trees, and Aleppo Pine Blight seems to fit this model.

Improve the Health of Your Trees

Tree Theory has been involved with an innovative treatment to improve the health and vigor of many trees.

We believe that “Happy Roots make Happy Shoots” and the best way to reverse the decline in tree health is by optimizing the health of the Rhizosphere (the region of soil in the vicinity of plant roots in which the chemistry and microbiology is influenced by their growth, respiration, and nutrient exchange).

Our treatment involves using a hydraulic device that introduces an aqueous solution that may include plant hormones, fertilizers, and soil conditioning compounds.

We have had wonderful results with this protocol.

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