Do You Need a Tree Health Consultation?

09 Mar '21

Healthy trees.

The trees on your property are living plants that require special care just like your pets and family members. The idea of scheduling a health checkup for your tree might seem a little strange if you are new to plant care. After all, trees just seem to thrive on their own most of the time. 

In Arizona, trees are subjected to tremendous amounts of stress. Between droughts, monsoon season and the introduction of new invasive pest species, it is common for trees to suddenly begin to struggle. A tree health consultation brings a specialist to your property, where they’ll assess how well your plants are doing.

Reasons Why You Need a Consultation

What Factors Influence Tree Health?

Like all plants, trees need water, sunlight and nutrients to grow. A tree that is struggling usually has something happening in its environment that interferes with it being able to get one or all of these things. For example, too much water can cause the nutrients in the soil to get washed away. Alternatively, drought or too much walking on the nearby ground surface could cause the soil to get so compacted that water can’t reach the roots. 

What Are Signs That a Tree’s Health Is at Risk?

Pruning a tree branch.

You can often get a general idea of how well a tree is thriving by taking a good look at it. A tree that is struggling may show signs of a problem that could include the following:

  • Stalled growth
  • Yellow or brown leaves
  • Early leaf drops
  • Poor fruit production
  • Dead or falling branches
  • Visible insects or fungus

In some cases, a tree might have excessive growth that is also an issue. A tree that grows too fast might not have enough energy to keep all of its parts healthy. This can lead to problems such as trees with tall, spindly trunks and small canopies. The root system of a tree that is growing too fast may not be able to keep up. This can lead to the premature death of trees that would otherwise live for many years.

What Happens During a Tree Health Consultation?

During a tree health consultation, a tree specialist comes to your property to assess the overall health of the tree. Their main goal is to determine the likelihood of a tree’s ability to survive. This involves looking at the current health of the tree along with the environmental factors that influence its survival. The specialist may do a soil assessment to make sure that the tree is receiving the right balance of nutrients. They can also check for pest and fungal infestations that impact the tree’s health.

What Types of Tree Care Services Are Available?

Tree care services for the health of your trees.

After the assessment, the inspector will talk to you about their treatment recommendations. Since trees add value and benefits such as shade to a property, every effort is made to save one that has a good chance of survival. A tree health plan may include strategies such as adding nutrients to the soil. Trees with excessive growth may need special hormone regulation treatments. Your tree health specialist can also help you determine the ideal watering schedule to keep your plants healthy. 


The ideal time to treat tree problems is at the first sign of a struggle. A tree health consultation is the first step to figuring out what is causing a tree to stop thriving. Once a tree is restored to health, regular maintenance checkups can keep it healthy as its needs and environment change.

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