January 2018

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Common Type of Weeds in Arizona

Salt Cedar Weeds Salt cedar weeds are perennial plant with leaves like cedar branches. They grow along stream beds, canals and reservoirs. Salt cedar is very invasive to the extent that it hinders the growth of other crops. The rate at which it takes in water is… View More


3 Organic Methods to Get Rid of Weeds

Weeds! The bane of every garden and every gardener's nightmare. Chemical herbicides can be toxic and dangerous. So how do you get rid of weeds organically? Read on to learn about different weed removal methods.  Weed Removal… View More


Organic and Natural Pest Control Alternatives

When insects become a problem in your home, lawn or garden, there are several products that you can use to control them.  Today, a good number of people have been sensitized and are aware of the need to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment. You may also want to ensure that you… View More


Insects That Destroy Grass Lawns

While "grasshopper" might be the first insect that comes to mind when thinking of pests that threaten lawns, there are a surprising number of insects that can put them in peril. Read on to learn more about your lawn's biggest enemies.   The Problem… View More


The 4 Best Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

It's no secret that some spiders are necessary for keeping disease-carrying pests at bay. But when it comes to having them inside the house they can be quite the nuisance. Luckily, there are many ways to keep spiders out of your home for good without too much hassle. The All-Natural… View More


How to Get Rid of Ticks

When dealing with pests, ticks are among the worst. Their small size and penchant for sucking blood, while posing a risk for spreading disease, makes them as repulsive as they are elusive. However, there are ways to prevent a tick infestation while keeping your family and your pets safe from… View More

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