January 2017

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Are Roof Rats Making Your Home Theirs?

Do you have a roof rat problem? You’re not alone. These mammals are widely distributed throughout the US and have been known to be called by several different names, including black rat and ship rat. They are more at home in warmer climates so they thrive in the Great State of Arizona.  Why do you have them in your home or facility?… View More


Hold The Olives Please

  The summer-blooming olive trees are true beauties, growing up to 30 feet tall and spreading out nearly as far. It’s no wonder that these evergreens have become Arizona mainstays, soaking up the plentiful sunshine that allows them to thrive.  And while few people complain about the olives on their… View More


Are German Cockroaches Taking Over Your Life?

German Cockroaches Are they taking over your home? There are few pests that give people the creeps the way that roaches do. This is reasonable because they are completely filthy. During a night of feeding, it would not be at all uncommon for a single roach to look for food in the toilet, on your… View More

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