December 2017

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Solutions to Eliminate Broadleaf Weeds

For homeowners who take pride in their lawns, weeds are a bane and a byword. For starters, they defile the texture of a lush, green lawn. They also leech soil nutrients from healthy grass and some of them are even poisonous. Perhaps the most pernicious aspect of weeds is the fact that they proliferate exponentially. Among the worst… View More


What Is a Post-Emergent Weed Spraying Application?

A nice, well-manicured lawn or garden can be a centerpiece for any home during the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, weeds can taint lawns and gardens to the point they become eyesores. A post-emergent weed spraing application can be of assistance in helping a gardener and/or… View More


What to Expect from Your Pest Control Service

Finding the right Arizona pest control service can be daunting if you have never hired one before. Do you need to prepare? Can you trust their employees to handle your home with care? Here are some guidelines detailing what you should… View More


The Importance of Pre-Emergent Weed Spraying

A pre-emergent is an herbicide that is sprayed or spread on lawns to eliminate weeds at the earliest stages of their growth. This includes crab grass and dandelions, among other invasive plants. Unlike a typical weed killer, it is meant to stop weeds from sprouting by being applied on… View More

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