December 2021

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How to Control Fleas and Ticks in Your Lawn

Fleas and ticks are among the most detested pests since they can spread diseases to both humans and their furry companions. They also tend to spread rapidly, and you could be facing an infestation that you bring home from the dog park or a hike.  Best Ways to Get Rid of Fleas and… View More


How Much Does Residential Weed Control Cost in Arizona?

If you’ve ever spent hours pulling weeds or stepped on a burr weed while barefoot, you might be willing to pay anything to avoid going through that again! The truth is that most homeowners still need to stick to a budget, even if weeds have become a major nuisance. How We Quote… View More


How Often Should You Water Your Lawn in Arizona?

Regular watering keeps your Arizona lawn green and lush, but you might be wondering how to know when you’re giving the grass too much of a good thing.  Should I Water My Lawn Frequently? It is common for people to think they’ve found the perfect watering schedule only to… View More

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