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Top Tips for a Greener Lawn in Phoenix

Just because Phoenix endures scorching heat in the summer doesn't mean you can't enjoy a lush, green lawn.  Here are some essential tips to keep your grass looking great year-round. How To Keep Your Phoenix Lawn Green Maintaining a green lawn in Phoenix requires some extra care due to the… View More


The Challenges of Weed Control in Phoenix

Weeds invade homes by cracking foundations, damaging landscapes and more.  Their unsightly appearance can disrupt the visual harmony of your property and even compromise the health of your yard.  Knowing how to get rid of weeds is crucial to maintaining a home that doesn't have an unkempt… View More


Tips to Control Tough Weeds in 2024

One of the last things you want to worry about in 2024 is the weeds in your lawn and garden.  Weed management is like a game of hide-and-seek with naughty little green invaders in your yard and grass. Except in this game of hide and seek, you only get to… View More


Phoenix Weed Control Strategies That Work

Phoenix landscape maintenance isn't easy. For many homeowners, weeds are one of their biggest obstacles.  Weeds and overgrown plants do much more than detract from the aesthetic value of your property. They can also pose a threat to the vitality of other plants.  In this post,… View More


When and How to Aerate Your Lawn

Keeping your yard green and lush does more than enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and increase your property value.  By producing oxygen, consuming carbon dioxide and filtering out airborne toxins, it helps maintain a healthy ecosystem.  Plus, it provides a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing… View More


What Is Soil Conditioning?

Homeowners often fight a variety of weed problems, ranging from crabgrass to nutsedge to dandelions and more.  When left unmanaged, out-of-control weeds may cause a variety of issues if they aren't dealt with, including infestations of unwanted pests, a… View More


Stinknet: What It Is and What To Do About It

Buffelgrass isn’t the only invasive weed that is causing a stink this season. In Arizona, stinknet is a growing problem that places everyone’s property at risk.  The weed is also referred to as Globe Chamomile, and it’s bright yellow flowers make it seem harmless.… View More


How to Get a Thicker Lawn and Keep It

Hey there, fellow lawn lover. Don't you love the feeling of stepping onto a lush, green carpet-like lawn? You know, the kind that makes you envy to take off your shoes and soak up the sun.  Luckily, achieving it is well within your grasp. Creating and maintaining a thick lawn that's the envy of… View More


How Do I Get Rid of Brown Patches on My Lawn?

Brown patches on your lawn can be unattractive and annoying, but with proper maintenance and care, you can bring back your grass to its lush green form.  Overwatering, underwatering, grass disease and pests are all significant contributors to brown spots. Mow your lawn at the correct height on a… View More


How Often Should I Water My Lawn During the Summer?

Summertime in Phoenix is synonymous with high temperatures and intense sunlight, conditions that can be harsh for your lawn. So how often should you water your yard during the summer? This article aims to answer this question,… View More

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